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The company, Virtual ROTIS Inc., is a world class company. The company tries to remain alert and responsive to changes in the market and consumer demands. The company’s policy is to hire the most talented and self – dedicated employees, teachers/ex-teachers, which love to teach. The company believes that that kind of employees can make significant contributions to our children and Canadian education.

There are some key determinants, which assist the company on hiring a person, such as the length of experience, computer knowledge and the Internet and the desire to teach children.

If you have all those qualities and decide to be a teacher in the company click on Application and follow the instructions. The whole registration process does not take a long time, maybe a few minutes and only needs to be done once (record your login and password for future use). This registration also allows access to other areas of the eVirtualTutor Web site. If you are experiencing difficulty, contact the company help line at (416) 887 – 8779 (10.00 – 5.00 EST).

We understand the importance of education and would like to assure you that our caring, state-certified teachers are dedicated professionals who have all successfully completed the training program with us.

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