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Our prices are very reasonable and they are not as high as the prices of private tutors. Plus, our program offers you a lot of benefits, which are absolutely free for our clients. Our prices came from the scrupulous searching through the prices of different companies running similar businesses. When we created our prices we tried to keep in our mind the main goal, that our prices must be affordable for our clients in order to satisfy their desire to give their children the best training in the chosen subject in our program.

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Our Fee

Beginners (1-4 months)
$79.95 per month

Intermediate (5-8 months)
$69.95 per month

Advanced (9-12 months)
$59.95 per month

Group and referral discounts

You will receive $5.00 discount for every child you refer or sign up in addition.*

*You will receive a reward for a referred student as soon as the student signs up for the program and makes a payment.

You can make your payment online using the latest available encryption technology of PayPal or send your check or money order by regular mail.

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