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The eVirtualTutor.com is a unique web site, which was created by the Virtual ROTIS Inc. The company spent a lot of time and made the Web site with love passion. The best program developers and web designer work around the clock in order to satisfy our clients and their desire to achieve the success in mathematics.

Another distinguishing character of our Web site is our fee. The fee is reasonable low and affordable for people with the different incomes. Plus, our clients can find a lot of services, which are free.

Moreover, our company has a very serious attitude to the privacy of our client. The privacy of our client is one of the priorities of our company policy.

Furthermore, the Web site allows our clients to save a lot of money on tutoring services without loosing the possibility of obtaining a very qualified and profound knowledge of any aspects of mathematics.

The company has a very impressive and recognized experience in tutoring on-line via the Internet. There are a lot of letters was send to the company by grateful clients.

In addition, the company offers job opportunities for teachers/ex-teachers. In some situations, the assistance of a professional is very important. Nevertheless, the Web site has enough explanation materials, which can help a student in any situation.

Plus, the Web site will have a progress report on each student and it will be accessible to the client twenty hours a day. If a client will have problems to obtain a report, he/she can contact the company help line at (416) 887 – 8779 (10.00 – 5.00 EST) or using the company's e-mail address: admin@eVirtualTutor.com.

The company can also schedule a free phone conference in order to discuss a student’s achievements or any problems, which can arise during the use of the Web site.

Finally, the company does the best to keep the studying materials fresh, renewing them every month.

In summary, the company’s Web site, eVirtual Tutor, is the best program product, which is a high-qualified tool for students of any age and any grade. It is fantastically helpful and effective. The company is absolutely sure that clients will have no regrets of using this Web site.

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